Submit a video and win a trip to Madrid!

Share a story and stand a chance to win one out of10 free trips to Madrid, a stand to win one out of three 2000 Euros prize and the opportunity tonetwork with leading executive from Inter American Development Bank(USA), Al Khabeer Capital(Saudi Arabia), Triodus Bank(Spain), Jak Bank(Sweden), Creative Currencies(USA),Friends Clear (France), Islamic Development Bank (Saudi Arabia)etc


SCIEF, Europe´s leading hub for alternative finance is organizing the first competition aiming to raise awareness on social impact finance“What is Out There?” Video Competition. We are looking to hear about stories in crowd funding, ethical banking, Islamic Finance and more.

To participate, please take a look at the competition video and information atour website and applying is easyhere. We have also made a facebook eventhere and a linkedin eventhere.We invite you share with your friends, colleagues and contacts and we look forward to hearing your stories.


If you have any questions

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