Welcome to #Guatemala and to Campus Tecnológico (#CampusTec)

This is the official information for our international visitors.  Welcome and we hope it helps:

Emergency numbers in Guatemala: http://www.visitguatemala.com/en/about-guatemala/emergency-services#.UxiF5vmwZcQ

Information for tourism: http://www.visitguatemala.com/en

Information for investors: http://investinguatemala.org/investors_guide/

Law Against Money or Other Assets Laundering:  http://www.sib.gob.gt/c/document_library/get_file?folderId=13853&name=DLFE-206.pdf

Beautiful videos of Guatemala by drones:

http://vimeo.com/94529267 (city)

https://vimeo.com/78304448 (Antigua)

http://vimeo.com/87304272 (all over Guatemala)

Information about Campus Tec:

Tel: +502 23344492 |  Ruta 2, 3-63, zona 4,
 4°Norte, Guatemala, Centro América

Un pensamiento en “Welcome to #Guatemala and to Campus Tecnológico (#CampusTec)

  1. I am looking forward to visiting you folks at speaking (2x) at the upcoming Innovation gathering put on by El Gobierno. If I can help any of you with advice about the US market, marketing, branding, and innovation, please let me know and we’ll try to get together while I am there. I will be arriving on 8/31 and departing on 9/4. Maria and the entire government department have been very helpful in making this happen.

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