#innovaguate: Evento en Chile de innovación

“Exploiting Innovation” through sustainable and socially aware business.  Common Pitch Chile is sponsoring an urban festival in Santiago in late November (November 28, 29 and 30, 2012).  

 The three day event features:

·     a green carpet event

· keynote address by former U.S. Vice-President and Nobel Peace Prize winner      Al Gore, and many others innovative people

·         a pitch competition for entrepreneurs in sustainable and social innovations. The theme of the competition is  “Exploiting Innovation” (you can see an example of a pitch competition in NYC :http://vimeo.com/31802273)

·         a range of workshops in a beautiful venue in middle of the downtown of Santiago, that will be attended by business leaders, young entrepreneurs, policy makers and the creative community

·         Cultural activities around the city of Santiago with world class artists.

 This three day event will foster discussion and catalyze action as Chile looks to continuously reinvent its economy and society to increase innovation, open up economic opportunities for Chileans, and develop sustainable businesses.

For more information: incubadora@tec.com.gt

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