Mentorship advice for #Guatemala by @ketan_makwana from @enterpriselabUK

Thank you Ketan for your workshop yesterday.  We are really looking forward to working with you closely with CampusTec and our mentors in the near future. Here is a summary of his workshop:

Mentorship is to  guide, inspire, help.

 What should a mentor do?

  1. Build a plan – goals, aspirations and foundations
  2. Stay out of the driver seat – Mentee led partnership
  3. Trust – Build and maintain
  4. Ask more, Tell less – challenge and empower thinking
  5. Balance empathy and action – vent  frustration and take action
  6. Foster accountability – set targets and responsibilities
  7. Not Solo, Get Help – tap network and get more responses
  8. Transitions – Be aware of them – see the growth and step back

Traits of a Mentor:

  1. Has the will to share skills, knowledge and expertise
  2. Demostrates positive attitude and act as a positive role model
  3. Takes a personal interest in the mentoring relationship
  4. Provides guidance and constructive feedback
  5. Is respected by colleagues
  6. Values the opinions and initiative of others
  7. Motivates others by setting model examples

To incubators&accelerators.

  1. Building a successful mentoring platform
  2. Create a bank of mentors – different and area of focus


Ronda de Negocios hoy en Tikal Futura – 5:30 pm en #congresocti

Los esperamos a la ronda para conocer a nuestras visitas de Costa Rica, Colombia, El Salvador, Estados Unidos e Inglaterra hoy en el Tikal Futura.  Aca van los detalles:

Tambien los invitamos a  la franja de e-comercio de hoy por si nos quieren acompañar tambien:

Free Mentorship Workshop for Entrepreneur Programs in Guatemala next week

A message from our guest speaker:

Hi all,

 Greetings from the UK.. I am really looking forward to coming back to Guatemala and meeting you all; I have already such a love for the place and know that there is a huge opportunity for innovation and growth within Central/Latin America – particularly Guatemala.

 I would really appreciate it if you can join me on 4th September at Tikal Futura for a workshop and seminar that I am hosting on Mentoring; in the UK I work with the UK government on helping start up businesses and provide mentoring and Rockstar Mentoring is the UK’s  number 1 organisation for business mentoring, start up and growth.

 In this session we will be going through the following:

  • The Power of Mentoring – a short story into the value of mentoring
  • How mentoring works and the processes – looking at what a successful mentoring process is delivered
  • Traits of good mentors – building the right skills and attributes towards successful mentoring
  • Best practice in mentorship – putting together the approaches and factors
  • How to build a community of mentees – looking at the multiplying effect of mentorship.

 I would be a privilege and honour to work with you all in Guatemala during the CTI event – I hope to see you there.

 Best wishes – Ketan

Our guest speaker:

Ketan Makwana

Head of Operations

Web: Rockstar Youth

Twitter: @RockstarYouth

For more information about the workshop, please visit: