Buscan desarrolladores senior para trasladarse a Alemania

Buscan desarrolladores senior para trasladarse a Alemania

Interesados:  info@mmzaghi.com

Mas detalles:

– 3+ years of stable experience (Middle or Senior or higher technical level)

as Front-end/JavaScript (except jQuery, WordPress, Joomla, etc)
or Back-end (all languages PHP, Python, Java, Scala Ruby, etc – except C#/.NET)
or Mobile (iOS, Android, Swift)
or DevOps (with coding experience)

– Upper-intermediate level in English or German (one language is sufficient).

Annual gross (before taxes) salary varies EUR from 45K to 90K depending on technical professional level, English / German skills and negotiations.

If your technical experience + English (or German) skills are sufficient, please apply.

Please note that there are no possibilities for freelance, part-time or remote cooperation – only full-time relocation to Germany, UK or Netherlands.

We will support you with Blue Card obtaining (work permit). If you will receive Blue Card, you may take your family with you as well.

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  1. Hola Maria he tratado de contactarle pero la dirección de correo parece no ser válida, podría brindarme más información al respecto por favor.

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