Buscamos programdor #PHP #Java para proyecto internacional via #grafiaetc

Buscamos programdor #PHP para proyecto internacional via #grafiaetc

Interesados:  info@grafiaetc.com.  Muy bien pagado.  Teletrabajo

Bolsa de trabajo: https://grafiaetc.com/bolsa-de-trabajo/

Mas info:


Preferably with experience in:

  • Bootstrap 3 , MVC (Model View Controller), Object-Oriented Code (used in PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Kohana, Symphony, and others), PHP Templating Layer (Smarty, Twig), ORM (object-relational-model) layers, especially using Active Record. This features prominently in the M(VC) of CodeIgniter.

  • AJAX

  • DataTables.net – AJAX-loaded HTML/JavaScript data tables powered by JSON data delivered by M(v)C, Apache or NGNX experience,


  • JQuery – must have at least some experience with this, Using JQuery plugins – some experience a plus, ECMAscript/Non-JQuery JavaScript – this refers to writing powerful JavaScript code while purposely excluding JQuery for efficiency purposes


  • MVC, HTTPS, CSS, Linux


  • PostgreSQL or MySQL, Functions/Stored Procedures. Triggers


  • Pingendo, Vim, DbVisualizer or other SQL-via-SSH tools, Slack. SSH via terminal/cli


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