App para consultar el Directorio de Economia Naranaja via #grafiaetc

App para consultar el Directorio de Economia Naranaja via #grafiaetc


Con  mas de 500 miembros creativos, tecnologicos, escritores, diseñaores, innovadores….




#hourofcode #guatemala #UVG 2016

#hourofcode #guatemala #UVG 2016

Gracias a la UVG, al Ing. Barrios, a Flor y nuestros mentores de Ing. de Computacion de la UVG y del grupo de ACM UVG. Que linda experiencia. Sedes en Guatemala, Antigua y Reu! Gracias a Empresarios x la Educacion.



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#app #maradestroy de #guatemala

#app #maradestroy de #guatemala

MARA Destroy es una red social anónima de denuncias geolocalizadas en tiempo real, que utiliza GPS para mostrar las denuncias que se han publicado en un rango de 2 kilómetros y que comprenden las últimas 3 horas en Guatemala.

MARA Destroy is an anonymous social network of geolocated reports instantly.

Lanzamiento de app de #vihinfogt via @hivosguate

Lanzamiento de app de #vihinfogt via @hivosguate

Gracias por la invitacion al lanzamiento hoy.

Felicitaciones al equipo de #Usac por este logro tan importante en temas de e-salud.

Aca van las fotos del lanzamiento al final de esta historia y tuvimos un impacto potencial de 27,225:

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New oVirt Sub-Project: oVirt Engine DR

New oVirt Sub-Project: oVirt Engine DR

Felicitaciones a por haber liberado un software cómo Open Source bajo la licencia ASL 2.0, que ayudará a la comunidad de oVirt (un producto de Virtualización, utilizado por mucho en todo el mundo) y el proyecto OpenSource de Red Hat,

Este proyecto trata de facilitar o al menos es un inicio para acelerar el avance en el tema de Recuperación de Desastres bajo esta plataforma.

Proyecto de #puntabrava #izabal via #digigirlz #guatemala

Proyecto de #puntabrava #izabal via #digigirlz #guatemala

We lived a fantastic morning on April 22nd! More than 300 DigiGirlz get inspired for extraordinary woman speakers.
Guatemala Team wants to share the details



On 11 April María Paiz and Luis Aldana from the Microsoft team traveled 384 kms from Guatemala City to the Village Punta Brava in Izabal, in which they taught programming for Windows 10 to 12 young women of Junior Hight School “Instituto Puente”. Significant challenges were present as internet signal and the time available for the workshop, however the perseverance of young women and teachers support let them finished their apps.


Special thanks to Edwin Xol and Vicente Xol for believing in the project and encouraging the girls to challenge their selves to do more, to achieve more. They have done a great job! Congratulations to the 12 participants: Olga Mocú, Marlin Morales, Wilda Jacinto , Anaís Choc, Hodaliz Yallibat, Nátaly López, Nancy Ich y Yenifer Ich, Yaneth Orellana, Yosselin Gónzalez and Azucena Poon and Mónica Martínez for their commitment and perseverance to get your Apps done!


In its first approach to technology, the students were curious to learn and so excited to create solutions to problems in their community, selecting topics as: livestock, women’s soccer, clothing, personal defense and nursing. With the support of the teachers and Microsoft, the girls published the apps in Microsoft Store!! And were presented and awarded in the DigiGirlz event!


From 12 Apps created, 3 finalist were selected and this three girls were the winners. Student from Instituto Puente were interviewed by Soy502, an online media and popular with youth. In their own words they expressed:

FIRST AWARD: Yaneth Orellana

“I developed an app about livestock cares to support farmers. Since I learned the trade with my parents and I have learned to take care of the cattle. Now I want people learn how to care for, feed, offer and sell their animals in a good way.”

SECOND AWARD: Yosselin González

“I developed a women’s football App. With this app the girls will find workout tips, as well as how to engage a football team and championships. I love the sport, football is my passion and I want to share it with other girls.”

THIRD AWARD: Azucena Poon

“I created the app My Dresses – Mis Vestidos -, which is focused on teenagers to create their own clothing designs. I like designing and want to do it professionally. Now I want to help the girls designing our dream dress. Many people have told me that it is a good initiative since I can do it my own business.”

We invite you to download this apps in the Microsoft Store!!


Special thanks to our jury thanks dedicated your time to review and qualifiy this Apps, we appreciate the great work you have done !

  • Felipe Canizales and Bryan Peralta – Computer LEC from its accompaniment of Colegio Católico San Pablo and participation as Jury.
    • Maria Zaghi – from Grafitec for providing feedback and support as Jury in Week TECH + Youth.
    Melissa Martínez – from TIGO Foundation for her passion, support and professionalism in DigiGirlz.
  • María José Sierra – from Pepita Labs for its diffusion in social networks and feedback regarding the qualification of Apps.
    Ana Godoy – to be an excellent ambassador for Microsoft Guatemala and Red Shoe Movement within the Jury.