Talleres en #siliconvalley via #grafiaetc

Talleres en #siliconvalley via #grafiaetc

Interesados en viaje en 2018 y una semana en incubadora del #siliconvalley. Ya estamos programando los viajes del 2018.


The accelerator program starts the beginning of each month. It’s now a virtual 3 month program where we mentor once a week via skype for one hour. 
The scale and growth program is for one week where the startup in here in Silicon Valley meeting with investors and customers. It It  does not include hotel or meals or air ticket and visa and other expenses.
The last program is for students where they can take online course 24/7 on their cell phones or web based content about entrepreneurship. Fundamentals on how to start your own company in tech.
There is also a student program where they can stay one week and have a complete course with visits to investors and key companies in the area.  It include hotel but not air ticket nor visa or other expenses.

Si hay mas interesados: info@grafiaetc.com

Membresia internacional: https://grafiaetc.com/directorio/

O hacemos cita algun miercoles a las 11 am en Tec para darles detalles.


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