#Tuang #pressrelease #panama

#Tuang #pressrelease #panama

Breakthrough Self-Accepting Social Platform Tuang Enters Into Beta

PANAMA — Mag Technologies, a software development company out of Panama, is moving forward with a public beta phase for Tuang, its latest innovation.  Tuang is an avatar-based social network poised to make a huge splash in the consumer market with its unique ability to connect like-minded individuals.

«Our primary objective is to encourage people to self-express, with others, about what matters most to them – which is exactly what Tuang accomplishes», said Santiago Sinibaldi, Mag Technologies’ CEO and Co-Founder.  «Unlike other social networks that are more superficial and connect people based on pictures, Tuang connects people based on common interests.»

As deeply connected IP networking professionals, Tuang’s three founding visionaries are fully aware of the impact social media has in its users’ lives.  Led by seasoned tech entrepreneur Sinibaldi, the team felt that no existing social networks gave users an authentic view or version of the peers who they wished to meet.  Leading sites, like Facebook and Instagram, are focused on superficial reinforcement («liking» pictures and «following») rather than connecting users who have mutual interests.  Because of this, social networkers have no way to express unique personality traits, hobbies, and passions – and are stuck interacting with people they just «know» rather than enjoying authentic connections.

On the other hand, Tuang’s anonymity helps users live more authentically without enduring social conformity pressures.  The network helps users build self-acceptance by allowing them to create multiple avatar users – with each one possessing a different set of interests and personality traits.  Armed with these «hidden» avatars, they can then find and connect with users who have similar interests in every part in the world and subsequently «reveal» their true identities if desired.  Interests like spirituality, conspiracies, and non-mainstream music – which are often socially unaccepted on the superficial networks – are now celebrated with Tuang.  18-45 year old liberal consumers will have the first opportunity to adopt this new social mentality with the upcoming beta.

Mag Technologies is currently working closely with a private university to perform laboratory testing, with satisfactory results so far.  The upcoming beta phase will provide the team with valuable feedback used for a final round of testing, before releasing Tuang to the consumer market.  After market acceptance is reached, Mag Technologies plans to do even more to foster all types of user connections – before and after avatar identities are revealed.  In the longer term, the company plans to develop an interest-based search engine as a complement to Tuang that matches users on even deeper levels.

The possibilities that Tuang can lead to after connections are made, Sinibaldi added, are profound and virtually endless:  «Uses aren’t limited or focused on any one area.  Tuang can be used for meeting new people in general, making friends, business contacts, and even dating.»

For more information about this story, contact:
Santiago Sinibaldi, Founder
+502 48883290

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